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McDonald's Austria Is Selling a Bucket of Chicken McNuggets and Fried Cheese

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This probably shouldn't be consumed by one person in one sitting.

McDonald's doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to health food. Instead of trying to revamp its image, the Austrian branch of the company is doubling down. Behold the "McDonald's Schmankerl Mix," a big ol' bucket of assorted fried things.

It comes with 15 Chicken McNuggets; 10 fried, heart-shaped Emmentaler cheese puffs; and a choice of four sauces. In fairness to McDonald's Austria, it's unlikely anyone is visiting the chain specifically to order a salad, despite its attempt to rebrand. But this is a pretty extreme example of over-the-top gluttony. Cardiologists in the county must be smiling.

Perhaps McDonald's Austria thinks this is a typical meal in the United States, and it's simply attempting to pay homage to the company's American roots. This dish sounds like something that might be found on the menu at Fat Ammy's in Wee Britain.

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