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Recipe-Centric App Feast Launches Today

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It includes recipes from dozens of chefs.


If you want to learn to cook like a chef, there's a new app for that. Noted cookbook author, Thomas Keller BFF, and controversial cooking advocate Michael Ruhlman is promoting a new app called Feast. The recipe-focused app was created by Jakob Jonck, a health tech business veteran and co-founder of running app Endomondo. Launching today, Feast — described as a "personalized mobile cooking platform" — gives users access to recipes from dozens of chefs, as well as offering stories, technique videos, and a shopping list function. Participating chefs include David Kinch, José Andrés, and Matthew Orlando.

While the app itself is free, to gain unlimited access to all of its content, users can upgrade to a monthly subscription of $8.99 or a $69.99 yearly subscription. However, the team behind Feast promises to include free content for those who are not interested in the subscription option. The app includes more than 500 recipes from well-known chefs with a little backstory for each one, explaining their passion for food and culinary background.

Once users find a recipe they like, they can instantly create a specific shopping list with the tap of a button. And some of the included videos teach different cooking techniques, such as shucking oysters and poaching eggs. Users can also build their own customized catalogue of recipes that are tailored to their likes. Feast is currently available on the App Store for iOS, and an Android version should be available eventually.

Feast enters an overcrowded culinary app world laden with programs that allow users to rate their servers, order cases of beer, and track restaurants' health inspections — you can even reserve a seat at a coffee shop from your smartphone. The most popular apps seem to be in the food delivery market. In fact, food delivery apps have become so popular, they are revolutionizing the way we eat, particularly in delivery-rich cities like San Francisco.

With the increasing amount of new dining-related technology, food apps evolving to be available on everything from your television to the Apple Watch. They've become so essential, major tech companies such as AmazonTwitter, and Uber have expanded to get a piece of the pie.

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