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Cat Cafe Runs Out of Cats; Who Says Vegans Don’t Have a Sense of Humor?

Five things to know today.

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Happy Thursday, January 7. Rumor has it the team behind New York City's three Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park may be opening a spot in Vegas. PETA's latest stunt hit cattle ranchers in Oregon and it was actually kind of funny. Chick-fil-A has invented a thing it calls "mom's valet." And, lol, a cat cafe in Vancouver ran out of cats. Here's all the food news the internet is buzzing about right now:

Rumormongering: Word on the street has it that the team behind NYC's Nomad and multi-starred Eleven Madison Park, chef Daniel Humm and FOH maestro Will Guidara, are maybe possibly opening a location in Las Vegas. It's still just a rumor but note that the pair signed a lease in LA late last year, and are generally thirsty for fame and fortune.

PETA 1, Militant cattle ranchers, 0: Cattle ranchers in Oregon have been protesting the federal government's control over a wildlife refuge. They apparently want to hunt on the land, or use it for cattle — exactly what they're upset about is unclear, even to authorities. But they have called for snacks! And PETA heard their call. Earlier this week the animal rights activists marched onto the land bearing vegan jerky and related signage. It was pretty funny, and perhaps the only PETA stunt we've enjoyed, ever. Alternate take:

It's not a cat cafe without cats: Cat cafes, which have sprung up across the country in recent years, are a welcome novelty for feline fiends. The point is for people to get to know these cats, and for cat lovers to adopt said furry friends. But what happens when a cat cafe runs out of cats? Apparently this happened at Catfé in Vancouver, B.C. The place had to close according to owner Michelle Furbacher, "We haven't been able to keep enough cats in the café at a time."

Chick-fil-A appeals to millennial parents with "mom valet:" Actually, it's called "parent valet," because the fried chicken sandwich chain doesn't want to alienate dads. In a service trick that sounds more complicated than it probably is, the restaurant is letting moms (and dads) order and pay in the drive-thru, and then pick up their order inside at the counter and eat at a table inside. This eliminates the need to wait in line while juggling a stroller, and holding on to tiny toddler fingers. Though the news has gone viral, no one has forgotten that Chick-fil-A is possibly homophobic. It's unclear if Chick-fil-A would turn away same-sex parents.

Finally, the USDA released a new set of dietary guidelines! Except, they offer almost no concrete advice on how to eat healthier. Instead, they indicate that Americans should simply "make healthier... choices." What does this mean, Michelle?! More turnips?