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Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Chick-fil-A is routinely lauded by fast food diners as one of the best chains in America, and the company is trying to bolster that reputation with a new service targeting a specific demographic. The chain is instituting a "Mom's Valet," reports Business Insider, which allows young mothers to order food at a drive-thru, and then eat inside at a reserved table.

Chick-fil-A vice president of menu strategy and development told Business Insider the move is part of a bigger focus on "taking the stress out" of dining. Farmer said the idea came from "noticing how hectic ordering could be for parents of young children."

A spokesperson for Chick-fil-A tells Eater the service — also known as "Parent's Valet"; don't feel left out, young dads — "started organically at one of our restaurants and has since grown to be available in approximately 100 of our 1,900-plus locations."

"Each restaurant decides whether to offer the program based on their individual traffic and customer needs, but of course, our goal is to provide exceptional service to all of our customers each and every day," the spokesperson said via email. "Our hope is that with ongoing improvements to our mobile ordering app, all customers will have access to this level of convenience in all locations in the future."

While it's been heralded for years by longtime fans of fried chicken sandwiches dressed only with pickles, the Atlanta-based chain has been doing some image rehab lately. The company has caught flack for supporting anti-LGBT organizations in the past, but in October a franchisee announced plans to support an LGBT film festival. In June, a Coralville, Iowa Chick-fil-A restaurant donated 200 sandwiches to the city's gay pride picnic.

The introduction of Mom's Valet isn't the only big change for Chick-fil-A this week. The chain announced it's nixing its popular cole slaw side and replacing it with a kale salad developed by Atlanta chef and restaurateur Ford Fry.