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The price of beef is sky-high these days, but here's one way to get your chopped brisket sandwich a little cheaper: bring a gun. As a new open-carry gun law went into effect in Texas on January 1, a Houston barbecue trailer called Brooks Place offered customers taking advantage of said law 25 percent off their meals, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Owner and pitmaster Trent Brooks tells the Chronicle his trailer saw "an uptick in business" to coincide with Friday's promotion, though not everyone loved the idea: He also noted "some very minor backlash on Yelp."

This isn't the first time Brooks Place has offered a discount for gun owners: Last Fourth of July, Brooks Place oh-so-patriotically gave free sandwiches to customers who showed their concealed handgun licenses. (While those promos were limited time, the restaurant still offers 10 percent off for both open and concealed carriers.) And it's hardly the first restaurant to think of such promotions: Last year a Cajun restaurant in Indianapolis gave diners with concealed carry permits 25 percent off.

The new law makes Texas the 44th state to allow citizens to openly carry firearms, although individual businesses can still ban guns from their premises. Meanwhile, big restaurant chains like Chipotle have previously asked customers not to carry guns in their stores, regardless of what local gun laws may say. As news of Texas's new open carry law spreads, more of the state's restaurants will surely be forced to take sides in the gun debate.

Earlier today, President Obama announced new executive orders meant to curtail gun violence across the country.

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