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Well-Mannered Burglars Cook Themselves Burgers, Leave Thank You Note

They didn't do the dishes, though.


To some, a life of crime — however petty — is a sign of a poor upbringing. But a couple thieves in the UK who burglarized a football clubhouse clearly had some parental guidance shaping their moral compasses, as they at least left a "thank you" note after taking their spoils.

According to the BBC, the bandits broke into Colne FC's clubhouse in Colne, Lancashire on Saturday night, making off with 10 brand-new bottles of booze. But before they could get wasted, they needed to pad their stomachs first — so they did what any hungry criminals would do and cooked themselves some burgers on the griddle, even taking the time to defrost some buns. While they failed to do the dishes, they did scrawl "Thank you, burger was great" on the wall complete with a smiley face:

Unfortunately for the football club, they also caused £1,000 (nearly $1,500) damage in the process. It's not clear whether or not the thief signed his real name, but "Joey" certainly wouldn't be the first criminal to be quite so dumb: Last year in Iowa, a man who robbed a convenience store was apprehended after a trail of snacks led police right to him and his nacho cheese-stained shirt.

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