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Absurd Roller Coaster Restaurant Takes Your Dinner for a Ride

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And you thought the Rainforest Cafe was a tourist trap.

Do you find yourself wishing you could add a little extra element of danger to your typical weeknight dinner? Rather than wrestling a cow to the ground with your bare hands, what if you could send your burger and fries on a gravity-defying series of loops and spirals before stuffing it in your face? Brace for the arrival of the UK's very first roller coaster restaurant, aptly named — wait for it — Rollercoaster Restaurant.

Located at Alton Towers — think English Disneyland — in Staffordshire, the menu includes American-style fare like nachos and "The Ultimate Rollercoaster Burger" (topped with Rollercoaster slaw, natch) alongside decidedly more British fare like fish and chips with mushy peas and a dessert called "Big Bowl of Lemon Meringue Mess." The food is wisely served in lidded containers, so as not to splash boiling-hot butter chicken all over your awestruck children on its journey to the table. Ordering appears to be done via tablet, altogether removing that pesky human element from the dining experience.

Amazingly enough, this death-defying culinary experience — which doesn't actually debut until May — isn't the first of its kind: Dubai got its own roller coaster eatery in 2014. Called Rogo's, it utilizes 30 different mini-coasters to deliver dishes like asparagus risotto and sticky date pudding, and is clearly the perfect dinner destination after a long day of hitting the slopes at the city's indoor ski resort.

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