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Watch Stephen Colbert Get Schooled in the Art of Indian Food

Colbert tests out New York City's League of Kitchens, a cooking workshop

Last night, Late Show host Stephen Colbert introduced his audience to the League of Kitchens, an NYC-based organization that connects amateur home cooks with skilled immigrant cooks from all over the world. The objective is education — both culinary and cultural — as well as preservation. If home cooks do not pass their recipes down to the next generation their cooking secrets are lost forever. In the introduction to the segment the organization's director Lisa Gross explains her inspiration for starting the project: "My mom is Korean... and my Korean grandmother lived with us when I was growing up... [but when I showed an interest in learning how to cook] she always would shoo me out of the kitchen and said 'You should go study...'" As an adult Gross had to teach herself how to cook Korean food and realized she was missing, as Colbert says, "That special grandmother sauce."

Then, Colbert airs a video of his experience with an instructor from the League of Kitchens. Watch Colbert fumble through a discussion about the basics of Indian food with his host, Yamini Joshi. Then, the odd couple head into the kitchen and Colbert jokes about the names of Indian spices ("are all the spices in Indian cooking named after Game of Thrones characters?"). In a discussion about ghee (clarified butter), Colbert brings up Paula Deen and asks Joshi if she knows who that is. Joshi thinks for a moment and then says, "Oh yeah! The fat lady!"

Watch on to see Colbert and Joshi dance as if in a Bollywood feature. In the second clip, Colbert's hilarious antics continue as Joshi tries to get the late night host to focus on the tasks at hand. At the end of their final meal together, Colbert teaches Joshi something about American culture: The luxury of an after meal nap. Watch the second clip, below:

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