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Watch: Someone Took a GoPro Camera to a Cat Cafe and the Results Are Adorable

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So cute.

The rise of the cat cafe is the best development of the global dining industry in recent years. Is there a better concept than an establishment that sells good coffee and allows patrons to snuggle with fuzzy kitties? No, no there is not. But at this point, most humans don't live within a reasonable distance of a cat cafe. For those who are missing out on the action, there's this video from GoPro.

Someone took one of the cameras into a Shanghai cat cafe and recorded the goings on. Predictably, the resulting video rates 10 out of 10 in cuteness. There are so many cats running around, eating snacks, and trying to drink coffee. It's a wonderful sight. The video's description says "the cats are the owners and you are their guest" at Cat Life — it's about time someone put the cats in charge.

The first cat cafe to open in North America began service in August in Montreal, and a few American cities have seen openings since. Hopefully in the not-too-distant future, every city will have a place for caffeine-loving friends of felines to feel at home.

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