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Florida Man Delivers Heroin-Stuffed Burrito to Hospital

You can't quit eating this burrito.

Might there be heroin stuffed inside this burrito?
Might there be heroin stuffed inside this burrito?
Flickr/James Willamore

Hungry Americans often extol the crack-like qualities of addictive foods, but someone in Florida actually tried to serve a burrito with heroin inside. An unidentified man dropped off the illicit Tex-Mex dish to Blake Medical Center in Bradenton, reports the Bradenton Herald, and employees found a syringe containing the drug stuffed inside as a filling.

The man who dropped off the burrito reportedly said it was for a patient, and when employees found the hidden surprise, they immediately called police. Officers administered a field test, and results showed the liquid inside was indeed heroin. The Bradenton Police Department is offering a reward of up to $1,000 for information regarding the incident.

Initial reports don't indicate whether the burrito was thoughtfully homemade, or if it was picked up from a restaurant.

Attempting to hide heroin inside a burrito might not be the brightest idea, but it is a little more covert than selling the drug out back behind a Pizza Hut. It isn't the first time someone has thought to combine Tex-Mex and illegal drugs. Last year, a Mexican restaurant in Coachella, Calif., was busted for selling meth on the side.

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