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Idiotic Pizza Hut Employees Film Themselves Smoking Weed at Work [Updated]

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Pro tip: Don't film yourself doing drugs at work

Daniel Oines/Flickr

Attention, youths of today: If you're going to get high at work, maybe don't put it on the internet for all the world — including your employer — to see. A video posted by LiveLeak depicts two Pizza Hut employees hitting a bong at work, apparently as their way of ringing in the New Year:

According to Bro Bible, the video was shot at a Pizza Hut location in Cypress, California, where customers' stuffed-crust pizzas weren't the only things getting baked that night. It's not exactly clear how the footage found its way onto the internet, but these bleary-eyed kids will likely find themselves unemployed in 2016. And hopefully they've got a prescription for that pot — because although California was one of the first to embrace medicinal marijuana, the state has yet to legalize it for recreational use.

In the meantime, perhaps the pot-smoking pizza slingers should seek employment at a more marijuana-friendly workplace, such as the Los Angeles company that hot-boxes its roastery to make marijuana-infused coffee. And if they want to stay in their current field, there's also the young California entrepreneur with a booming THC-infused frozen pizza business.

Update 1/4 5:32 p.m.: Reached by Eater for comment, a rep for Pizza Hut issued the following statement: "There is no tolerance for this kind of activity at any of our restaurants. The local franchise owner took swift action and the employees involved will no longer work for Pizza Hut."