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McDonald's Pinky Swears It Put Cheese in Those Hollow Mozzarella Sticks

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Something's missing here.

Peter Larsen/Getty Images

McDonald's made a bold move in November when the chain revealed it was planning to add mozzarella sticks to the menu. The fast food giant began testing the new side in Wisconsin over the summer, and the fried cheese saw a nationwide launch earlier this month as part of the McPick 2 promotion. But, they aren't the best option for anyone trying to snack responsibly. What are the health-conscious supposed to do?

Behold, McDonald's cheese-less cheese sticks.

Apparently, reports Fortune, the nationwide release of the new menu item has seen a number customers receiving the battered exterior, but nothing inside. This development would no doubt be a disappointment to anyone who ordered the sticks, but McDonald's is just looking out for you. Fried air is much healthier than fried cheese.

When Mickey D's announced the national rollout, one manager of a Milwaukee-area restaurant told Eater the trial run had been a success: "They have been a very popular item since we have had them on our menu, so yes, I would say that they have increased our sales." It's hard to imagine these hollow versions will do much to boost sales.

There's no real explanation as to why some diners are receiving orders of mozzarella sticks, minus the mozzarella. McDonald's has not responded to a request for comment.

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