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Chocolate Ramen Is Not For Lovers, But It Is Very Real

But it does exist, and just in time for Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day and its gaggle of heart-shaped merchandise is just over the horizon, which means it's also time for the onslaught of weird novelty foods. Right on cue, a small Tokyo ramen chain called Mensho will unveil chocolate ramen on February 1, reports RocketNews24.

The idea of ramen noodles with a hint of cocoa in the dough seems pretty harmless, or perhaps a broth deepened with some melted dark chocolate (hey, it works for mole). But no: Instead, this soup has solid chunks of chocolate swimming around in it, as if someone dropped a broken Hershey bar into your lunch. RocketNews says that while yes, you can "simply grab pieces of chocolate with your chopsticks and eat them like you would any other ramen toppings," the pro move is to let the candy melt into the soup and then slurp up chocolatey-coated noodles. Perhaps Mensho will bring its chocolate ramen across the vast ocean when it opens in San Francisco next month.

Combining sweet chocolate with savory foods isn't really anything new — various brands have sold chocolate-covered potato chips for years — but it seems to be having a moment: McDonald's Japan recently unveiled chocolate-drizzled french fries. According to Kotaku they "don't taste disgusting," although they do apparently give off a rather strong odor. (We'll stick to sake-flavored Kit Kats.)

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