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Chef Jacques La Merde Is Toronto Chef Christine Flynn; Alain Ducasse's Last Meal

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Five things to know today.

Michael Voltaggio biting into a Carl's Jr. burger on television, fully clothed.
Michael Voltaggio biting into a Carl's Jr. burger on television, fully clothed.
Carl's Jr./YouTube

Last night Instagram celebrity Chef Jacques La Merde emerged from anonymity with all the pomp and circumstance worthy of an underground meme. Top Chef snagged the TV reveal; read our interview with Toronto chef Christine Flynn aka Jacques La Merde here. Here are four other pieces of news to know right now:

— The creator of (allegedly) the world's strongest coffee just won a jackpot of sorts: Death Wish coffee inventor Mike Brown won a 30-second advertising spot during the Super Bowl. Will more people give Death Wish coffee a try now, despite mixed reviews about its flavor? Considering America's current obsession with coffee, maybe, probably, yes.

— Alain Ducasse wants his last meal to take place at Versailles, specifically in the gardens in the springtime: "The last time I was there I discovered a fromagerie that had been part of the queen's farm and has just been restored. It is exquisite: a small room, quite plain, but this is Versailles, so it's a very particular kind of plainness! It has a marble table, small marble fountains that brought water and coolness to the room, and a view over the lake - I saw a bunch of goslings learning to fly. It's very secluded; a place of dreams, serene and restrained. Une juste opulence."

— The San Francisco Wine School is introducing an interesting new program called The Cradle of Wine Civilization. The full day's course is part history lesson, part anthropological study, and part not-quite-traditional wine tasting. Starting with wine from the Caucuses, the class compares the creation of the world's oldest wines with their modern expressions. Speakers include Dr. Patrick McGovern (Scientific Director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Project for Cuisine, Fermented Beverages, and Health, University of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia); Dr. Patrick Hunt (Archeologist, Writer & Stanford University Professor); Wes Hagen (Winemaker, Viticulturist, Wine Educator, AVA Consultant & TED Talk Stage Nominee (History of Wine)); and Alberto Antonini (Winemaker Zorah Winery, Armenia & Enologist Gruppo Matura). The course takes place on March 13; tickets are $175 each.

— From our Adventures in Shilling department: Here is Top Chef winner and LA-based restaurant owner Michael Voltaggio biting into a Carl's Jr. burger (fully clothed). How many millions did he make on this? We're taking bets in the comments below:

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