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Sake-Flavored Kit Kats Unite Your Two Favorite Vices in One Package

Only in Japan, sadly


Just in time for that most sickeningly sweet of all holidays, Valentine's Day, Kit Kat has unveiled an eyebrow-raising new flavor in Japan: sake.

The new candy variety features sake powder between the wafers and the chocolate — which appears to be of the white variety — to give it a "delicate sake flavor." As Kotaku explains, "The label warns that these Kit Kats contain 0.8 percent alcohol, so you should not give these Kit Kats to children or people who are sensitive to alcohol." As for the rest of us? Feel free to eat the entire bag.

While America gets stuck with snooze-worthy Kit Kat flavors like white or dark chocolate, candy bar lovers in Japan are living it up with novelty flavors like green tea and red bean — not to mention Kit Kat croissantsKit Kat steamed buns, and Kit Kats covered in real gold. Now that's living.