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Conan O'Brien Has Some Food Safety Tips for Chipotle

"Stop using chicken broth to wipe down the counters," for one thing.

It's been a rough few months for Chipotle. A widespread E. coli outbreak sickened dozens of customers, and the burrito chain still hasn't been able to pinpoint what caused it; there was also that pesky norovirus disaster in Boston that made more than 100 diners ill. As the chain attempts to clean up its act and win customers back — and faces several lawsuits — it will shutter all its stores for a few hours on February 8 to talk to its employees about food safety.

Miraculously, Late Night With Conan O'Brien managed to get its hands on a copy of Chipotle's "new training video," and it offers some insights into what may have gone so very wrong at the chain: Going forward, employees must "stop using rice scraped up from the steps of weddings," quit using tortillas to clean their car windshields, and perhaps most importantly, discontinue the use of germ-spreading "sneeze megaphones." If only things were that simple.

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