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The Best Roasted Vegetable Recipe for Winter Nights

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Good enough to eat straight from the pan

To battle cold winter weather (and any after work what-to-eat-for-dinner dilemma), our friends at ChefSteps are here to save the day with a guide to perfect roasted vegetables. The ideal side for any meaty main but hearty enough to work as a vegetarian meal unto itself, this crispy, colorful medley is one to come back to again and again.

Like any good back pocket recipe, ChefSteps’ roasted vegetables can be altered to use whatever produce you have lying around, but their rules for prep and cooking are good to bear in mind. First, separate your vegetables based on their type, grouping similar types together based on how much time they'll need to cook. Cut the produce into pieces of about the same size, which helps everything cook evenly. Don’t scrimp on the olive oil; using a little before and after cooking gives your final product both a crispy exterior and a glossy sheen. And finally, to ease clean up and keep your vegetables from sticking to the baking sheet, remember that parchment paper is your friend. The result is a fairly simple and endlessly rewarding winter dish good enough to eat straight from the pan.

Watch the video and click here for the full recipe.