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Watch and Learn How to Make Great Bread at Home

It takes time and effort.

For those amateur bakers who engage in the ceaseless past time of attempting to create perfect bread at home, this video from Bon Appétit may give you your best chance. The step-by-step process show exactly how to make an artisanal, rustic loaf, and no restaurant quality oven or mixer is required.

But, baker be warned. This isn't the kind of bread you can decide to make Sunday morning and expect to have ready for lunch or dinner the same day. And if a several-step process is intimidating, it's best to look elsewhere. This bread takes nine steps, and it requires a total of two to three days to come materialize. This bread is for those who really love bread, and not the faint of heart.

At the end of the video, Bon Appétit declares the labor-intensive, time-consuming process is worth it. It's asking a lot, but then again, outstanding bread is tough to beat.

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