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Pepsi Is Opening a Restaurant in New York City, for Some Reason

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This doesn't need to exist.

Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

In the dreary, dystopian future when brands rule the world, the best restaurant in America's dining capital of New York City might be run by PepsiCo. Or maybe that will happen later this year when the soft drink giant opens Kola House in the city's Chelsea neighborhood.

Kola House. Pepsi is opening a New York restaurant called Kola House, reports the Times. Kola House.

PepsiCo has always tried to separate itself from rival Coca-Cola by marketing to the most cutting edge of Americans. It's responsible for bringing Crystal Pepsi into this world, and a new restaurant appears to be the company's latest attempt to capture Generation Next. PepsiCo chief marketing officer Seth Kaufman told the Times, "This isn't a pop-up. This is something much bigger than that."

The company hasn't decided on a menu or executive chef yet, but NYC bartender Alex Ott reportedly will consult on cocktails. Expect libations to be made with Caleb's Kola, PepsiCo's high-brow, millennial-targeting line of soda. There's no projected opening date yet, but it's on track to begin service this spring. Kola House won't be slapped with a bunch of Pepsi signage and memorabilia, but instead will include "a logo here or there, nothing too obvious."

"Consumers will love your brand because your brand enables you to have the experience, but they don't want to have the brand in their face," PepsiCo head of design Mauro Porcini told the Times. "It needs to be very subtle, elegant, sophisticated."

That is an incredible quote. Brands: They'll never run out of ideas for injecting themselves into our lives.