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Pepper Nerds, Get Ready: Tabasco's Museum Opens Next Week

Make plans to visit Avery Island, La.

Flickr/Mike Mozart

Having already created a restaurant based on the idea that people love hot sauce, iconic Louisiana brand Tabasco is going one step further. The McIlhenny Company, which produces the famous pepper sauce, is almost ready to launch its new museum, a spokesperson tells Eater. It will open next week adjacent to the company's restaurant and headquarters on Avery Island.

Officially dubbed the Tabasco Sauce Visitors Center, the new venue "will feed fans' curiosity with an inside look into the world of Tabasco — from when the sauce was first created over a century ago, to how it's made today and how it has impacted the culinary world." The formal opening is scheduled for Tuesday, February 2.

The McIlhenny Company opened its Tabasco-inspired restaurant, called 1868 (the year the company was founded), in August. The eatery and forthcoming museum are part of a major expansion to help celebrate the company's impending 150th anniversary. At 1868, every dish on the menu, unsurprisingly, contains Tabasco sauce. The cuisine is straight out of a Cajun and Creole cookbook — again, no surprise here.