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This Is What Happens When You Turn McDonald’s Breakfast Into Sushi

Behold, the "breakfast roll."

McDonald's breakfast and sushi, a match made in Hiroyuki Terada's kitchen. The master sushi chef is known for making weird concoctions into sushi rolls and posting them on YouTube. In his latest creation, Terada takes a few McDonald's breakfast staples — sausage, hot cakes, hash browns, and scrambled eggs — and turns them into what he has dubbed the "breakfast roll."

Terada slices a hot cake in half and uses it as the outside of the roll to substitute sushi rice. He then stuffs it to max capacity with the rest of the ingredients and rolls it all up, slices it, and plates it. For the piéce de résistance, he drizzles his creation with McDonald's packaged syrup.

In the description of his new video, Terada says the sushi roll was a result of popular demand. It's hard to believe anyone was clamoring for sushi made from a Mickey D's breakfast, but oddly enough, it looks kind of tasty.

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