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Noma Australia's Hyperlocal Menu Includes Ants and Crocodile Fat

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René Redzepi's menu is all about location, location, location.


Since acclaimed New Nordic pioneer chef René Redzepi announced he would be taking his Copenhagen restaurant, Noma, on the road for a 10-week pop up in Australia, the food world has been awaiting what was predicted to be a cutting-edge, unique, and — of course — hyperlocal menu. The success of the two Michelin star restaurant's previous pop-ups — Noma Tokyo ran for five weeks last year — has created a frenzy for food enthusiasts looking to snag a seat for the much-anticipated opening. At $339 USD per person, the pricey pop-up has not only sold out, but currently has 27,000 people on the waiting list.

Debuting in the Sydney neighborhood of Barangaroo earlier this week, Noma Australia opened its doors with a menu inspired by the restaurant's harborside location. The coastally-driven dishes boast several varieties of oceanic plants and sea vegetables, as well as strawberry clams, sea urchin, and flame cockle. Produce items utilized include wild berries, lantana flowers, and lemon myrtle, while proteins include crocodile fat, local ants, and magpie goose. Get ready to consult your gastronomic dictionary; here are the dishes currently featured on the menu according to eager Instagrammers (all are subject to change before Noma Australia closes its doors on April 2).

Sea urchin, tomatoes, and pepper berries

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Wild native berries and seaweed

Macadamia and sandalwood nuts with parsnip and muntries

Lemon myrtle ice cream with bush limes and fennel flowers

Albalone "schnitzel" with finger limes, sea vegetables, mad rush, and celery oil

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Cured egg yolk with deep sea snow crab

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Magpie goose and marron in a barbecued milk "dumpling"

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Apple skin with lemon myrtle

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Sliced, unripe macadamia nuts over a broth of spanner crab with rose oil

Porridge of desert and golden oak wattleseed with saltbush, finger lime, and oyster emulsion

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Strawberry clam, flame cockle, oyster, mussle, and common pipi topped with crocodile fat

Dried scallop and lantana flower pie with a seaweed crust

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Pineapple in a hibiscus flower, mango ice cream sandwich with Northern Territory ants, and plum-marinated watermelon

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Peanut milk and freekeh "Baytime"

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Pumpkin with lantana flowers and fermented rice

Aerated rum lamington with coconut and tamarind sauce

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