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Watch Stephen Colbert Address Bernie Sanders' New Ice Cream Flavor

The name sounds "like a soft core porno."

Last night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the topic of Bernie's Yearning, Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' new ice cream flavor came up. The flavor was created by Ben Cohen, of Ben & Jerry's fame, but it's not being produced by Ben & Jerry's Unilever-owned plant. As it's a solo project, Colbert posits that Ben and Jerry must have broken up, and he "blames Jerry's new flavor, Coco Ono." Then, Colbert notes that the name of Sanders' new ice cream sounds like "a soft core porno," and he takes the joke to its full extent... with a photo of Sanders on the cover of what looks like a dime store romance novel, saying, "You have awakened something that has been dead in me for years... kiss me, touch me, but only if you want to..." On the topic of the actual flavor, which is essentially mint chocolate chip ice cream... but as Ben explains, "all the chips have gone up to the top... that's where all the money is!" Colbert points out one critical flaw: "In reality, that top 1 percent... generally doesn't have a lot of chocolate in it." Watch the full clip to see Colbert's suggestions for ice cream flavors for the other presidential hopefuls of 2016.