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April Bloomfield's English Breakfast Is the Ultimate Morning Feast

Blood sausage and tomatoes just like her grandfather made them

The Meat Show host and native Londoner Nick Solares is quick to admit that British food does not have the best of reputations, but its one redeeming feature is the traditional English breakfast. Varying slightly from region to region, the dish is a combination plate of meat, eggs, toast, and other accouterments, sometimes called a "fry-up" or a "full monty." Solares searched New York City for the best version of this classic morning meal and found the winner at The Breslin, British chef April Bloomfield’s restaurant inside the Ace Hotel.

Bloomfield is an acclaimed chef in her own right — boasting one Michelin star at each of her two restaurants, The Breslin and The Spotted Pig — but the English breakfast she serves is reminiscent of her family and her past. The Breslin's iteration features homemade sausage and black pudding and a side of vinegary beans, plus tomato and mushrooms the way Bloomfield remembers her grandfather making them. Watch her and Solares compare notes on English breakfasts past and present over (obviously) a pot of tea.

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The Breslin

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