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Watch: Everything You Need to Know About the Invention of Cotton Candy

Here's how the sweet treat came into being.

Cotton candy: It's any child's dream, and it's a nightmare for any adult who knows how much a big trip to the dentist costs. But who invented the ultra sweet "snack"? Where did it come from? This video has the answers.

Turns out, cotton candy — called fairy floss when it was introduced — was brought into this world by a dentist ahead of the 1904 World's Fair. Was the dental profession at the turn of the 20th century unaware of the adverse effects sugar can have on teeth, or did Dr. James Morrison know exactly what he was doing? The more cotton candy in his community, the more business he would receive from locals. How diabolical.

Morrison eventually gave up the cotton candy trade, but not before he and his partner made the modern equivalent of $400,000. Watch the above video, and discover what went into the comestible that's guaranteed to give you a stomachache.

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