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Trump, Sanders, Cruz Lampooned by Iowa Burger Restaurant

Zombie Burger in Des Moines is at it again.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The Democratic and Republican Iowa Caucus is scheduled for February 1, and a publicity-savvy restaurant in Des Moines has capitalized on the event with a custom burger menu that pays caustic homage to presidential candidates like Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Ted Cruz.

The day-to-day lineup of themed burgers at stunt food haven Zombie Burger kicked off January 24 with The Cuban Heel, a nod to Marco Rubio, served with "elephant ear buns, shredded spam, sliced bologna, white American cheese, mustard + mayo." The Donald Trump burger, dubbed The Greatest, Most Delicious Burger in the History of the World, included "braised short rib, demi, truffle mayo, and flopped over Parmesan crisp." Today's #FeeltheBern burger comes with "aged cheddar, ghost pepper matzah ball, and pastrami-pepper hash."

Of course Bernie Sanders's burger is called Feel the Bern:

Looks like this is Trump's:

Here's one for Marco Rubio:

Later this week Zombie Burger will whip up loaded burger tributes to Chris Christie (Monte Christie), Ted Cruz (The Quick and the Ted), and Jeb Bush (El Burger de Jeb!). Hilariously, the restaurant's Ben Carson burger will not be a burger, but tacos. Throughout pre-caucus week, Zombie Burger will also whip up milkshakes named after satirical candidate Deez Nuts.

The Des Moines eatery isn't the only one tailoring its menu to coincide with the caucuses, of course. Northside Cafe in Winterset recently made headlines with its own Trump Burger.