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NASA Basically Just Crushed Alton Brown's Astronaut Dreams

Sorry, AB.

NASA / Gary Gershoff for Getty Images

Thanks to well-meaning parents, most kids adorably believe they can be anything they want when they grow up. Then they discover the harsh realities of the world and determine that no, professional puppy cuddler is not a paid position, and being an astronaut entails a lot more than eating M&Ms out of mid-air and drinking Tang at zero gravity. Food personality and uni-tasker hater Alton Brown may or may not have just had his own dreams of space exploration crushed, thanks to a recent social media exchange with NASA.

It all started when the space agency put a pseudo-help wanted ad on Twitter, of all places:

Brown, who like most people has probably dreamed of voyaging into space since he was four years old, responded with hearty and hopeful enthusiasm:

While many would no doubt be thrilled to get such a proposition from the the Good Eats creator, NASA's response was decidedly lukewarm. Perhaps that position has already been filled by famed UK chef Heston Blumenthal, who is preparing to send some of his own acclaimed cooking into space.

Nonetheless, Brown wasn't deterred:

If the rumored Good Eats reboot ever happens, maybe an episode focusing on new innovations in freeze-dried ice cream will get NASA's attention.

Even without the help of Alton Brown, space food has been making some giant leaps forward recently: The International Space Station recently obtained its very own espresso machine, and meanwhile Burger King is pushing to get Whoppers into space for hungry Russian cosmonauts.

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