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Watch a Clam Diver Harvest 400-Year-Old Species in the Arctic Circle

Mahogany clams can live for centuries.

Roderick Sloan is a clam diver. But, he isn't looking for the shellfish one might find at their local seafood shack. Instead Sloan dives for the mahogany clam in the Arctic Circle, targeting a species that can live 200 to 400 years. In this video from Mind of a Chef, he goes for a dive and explains his passion.

"Whenever we do this, it has to be very gentle," Sloan says. "'Cause it's like, if you're not gentle with the ocean, OK, then it's like you're just wrecking it." When he plunges into the frigid Norwegian waters, he typically comes up with a haul of 25 clams. Sloan acknowledges the species has been around for a long time, and he feels responsible to make sure it stays around. He admits, however, the clams are mighty tasty.

"It's just like sweet umami from the sea. It's just, you know — after 60 years at sea, that flavor's just incredible."

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