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Behold Oscar Mayer's Wienie-Bago; El Chapo Cupcakes Are a Thing

Five things to know today.

'Tis the season for city restaurant weeks, in which restaurants agree to offer a prix fixe meal deal in exchange for city-sponsored promotion and, they hope, butts in seats during sluggish months (January and August, usually). But these weeks have become better known for sad, haphazardly-assembled menus than actual deals. At their worst, they're poor examples of what some of each city's best restaurants are capable of offering. Generally, high- to mid-priced restaurants don't benefit financially, in the long term, from restaurant weeks because they're catering to an audience that a) is just looking for a deal; and b) probably will never return to the restaurant during a normal week. More than this, in many cities, restaurants have to pay in order to participate. This week Eater Chicago crunched the numbers to see if the nearly $1,000 fee restaurants have to pay annually just to get listed in the city's Restaurant Week guide is worth it. TL;DR: Depending upon the weather and the deal, it might be.

Five other things to consider today: Just in time for the Super Bowl, Oscar Mayer unleashes the Wienie-Bago; El Chapo cupcakes are... a sweet way to remember a notorious drug lord? This Japanese cafe sells single origin coffee candies; why Bernie Sanders sort of gets his own Ben & Jerry's flavor; and just try to guess what America's favorite comfort food is...

— Oscar Mayer has really out done itself this time. Apparently in an effort to offer football fans a place to stay during the Super Bowl this year, it has unveiled a new hot dog-shaped camper called the Wienie-Bago. The company is calling it "the best motor home you've ever seen," and get this, it's "inspired by the tiny-home craze." So who gets to stay in it? Interested parties have to enter for a chance to win, of course. The contest closes on January 31. Look at this thing:

— The world cannot get enough coffee. In addition to coffee juicecoffee wineweed coffee, and caffeinated jelly beans, there's now straight up coffee candyAccording to Sprudge it can be found at a shop called Tik Tok in Tokyo. This single origin coffee candy looks like small pieces of marbled glass. How long until it hits American shores?

— El Chapo, the Mexican drug lord who was recently recaptured after (lol) a bizarre interview with actor Sean Penn, is now selling cupcakes. Or, rather, a shop in Mexico is now selling cupcakes with his sad, captured face on them. Hermosillo-based pastry chef Alfredo Soria created the cakes which apparently have gone viral in Mexico since their release. Meanwhile, El Chapo is still behind bars. The likeness is uncanny:

— Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders sort of got his own Ben & Jerry's ice flavor this week. According to the WSJ, Ben Cohen, co-founder of Ben & Jerry's, created the flavor — "Bernie's Yearning" — to help out Sanders' campaign. It's a mint ice cream base, topped with a "thick disc of solid chocolate," meant to represent the "huge majority of economic gains that have gone to the top 1% since the end of the recession," according to Cohen's website. The ice cream beneath represents "the rest of us." It's not a true Ben & Jerry's flavor, however, and only 40 pints were made so it won't be sold in stores. 25 pints have been donated to the Sanders' campaign to be auctioned off to supporters.

— Yes, America's favorite comfort food is pizza.