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Valentine's Day Dinner at Waffle House Is the Apex of Modern Romance

Reservations are now being accepted.

Your most romantic table for two, please
Your most romantic table for two, please

February 14 is arguably one of the worst days of the year to dine out, second only to Mother's Day brunch. Prix-fixe menus are generally dumbed down and overpriced, restaurants squeeze in as many two-tops as humanly possible, and subpar molten chocolate cake for dessert is all but guaranteed.

Thankfully, each year the Southern cultural phenomenon that is Waffle House offers a refreshingly populist alternative by offering reserved tables complete with white tablecloths and candlelight. This is the chain's ninth consecutive year offering a one-night-only chance at smothered hash browns and romance; more than 140 locations will participate.

The Valentine's Day setup will vary from store to store, but a Waffle House employee at a Dallas, Texas location says their location will "definitely be set up a lot more romantic," including red lights and possibly even a solo live music performer. In addition to the typical lineup of waffles, eggs, and bacon, they'll offer a T-bone steak special. And, much like every other restaurant on February 14, Waffle House expects to be packed: "The only way you come is if you make a reservation," says the employee.

If red lights and T-bone steak don't inspire amorous feelings within, perhaps feasting on sliders at White Castle's annual Valentine's Day celebration is a viable alternative. Then again, if Waffle House is good enough for Kim and Kanye, it should probably suffice for us mere mortals.