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Noma Australia
Noma Australia

Tuesday evening marked the long-awaited, highly anticipated debut of Noma Australia. René Redzepi's New Nordic sensation has flown nearly halfway across the world with dozens of staff members in tow for a pop-up in Sydney, and true to form, the menu is capitalizing on everything that's fresh, local, and often quite unusual: Think wattleseed porridge wrapped inside saltbush leaves, rocks and seafood shells garnished with chicken and crocodile fat, fermented kangaroo with crab, and abalone schnitzel with sea lettuce.

Of course, such an undertaking requires a whole lot of time, money, people, and miles to pull off — which Redzepi and crew already knew quite well after last year's five-week pop-up in Tokyo that served 2,800 diners. Here now, a look at Noma Australia by the numbers:

4: times Noma has won the title of World's Best Restaurant

3: world ranking Noma currently holds

10: weeks Rene Redzepi and crew will be feeding Australia

9,961: miles from Copenhagen to Sydney

75: Noma staff members making the trip

56: seats in the pop-up restaurant

10 to 12: courses served per meal

5,600: total number of seats available for the pop-up duration

27,000: people currently waitlisted for a reservation

485: Australian dollars per person for a seat (approximately $339 USD)

2.7 million: estimated Australian dollars paid up front for all reservations

6: months it took to design and build the Noma Sydney space in Barangaroo

90: seconds it took for reservations to book up entirely

967: Instagram posts currently tagged #nomaaustralia