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Someone Is Making Tiny, Incredible Art in Spoons

Pretty enough to eat.

@ ioanavanc

Food stylists everywhere, take notice. This is the peak of the craft. A Romanian architect named Ioana, who enjoys "making art pieces using different materials or objects," according to her Instagram bio, has created some incredibly intricate — and edible — works of art. She calls her medium #in_a_spoon because, obviously, all of her creations are small enough to fit on a spoon canvas.

Among Ioana's best works: these cute pandas made of eggplant, cheese, and cucumber.

Pandas #foodart #in_a_spoon made of eggplant, #cheese and cucumber

A photo posted by Ioana (@ioanavanc) on

And here's Olaf, everyone's favorite animated snowman, made of black radish, carrot, and potato.

And, appropriately, this chef is made of apple, black radish, ham, and peppercorn.

Master Chef made of apple, black radish, ham and peppercorn #in_a_spoon #magicwithaspoon

A photo posted by Ioana (@ioanavanc) on

While they're made of everyday food items, these are too beautiful to eat. They may be a bit small for us humans, but they could fill a stunning gallery for the tiny hamster.