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Indiana Restaurant Trades Meals for Water to Aid Flint

Residents of Flint are without safe drinking water.

Donated cases of water outside The Skillet Restaurant in South Bend.
Donated cases of water outside The Skillet Restaurant in South Bend.
The Skillet Restaurant/Facebook

With residents of Flint, Mich., unable to drink local water due to lead poisoning, a restaurant in South Bend, Ind., is stepping up to help. The Skillet Restaurant is trading meals for cases of water, reports WAVE-TV, and 4,000 cases have been donated so far.

"Our community has always been awesome. They've always taken care of where the call is of need and once again they did that," Skillet owner David Vite told the TV station. Each donated case comes with a complimentary plate from the restaurant's Polish buffet, though it appears many people have donated several cases while asking for nothing in return.

Monday Update. The volunteers today were incredible. They filled up two semis from XPO Logistics. We still have more...

Posted by Skillet Restaurant on Monday, January 25, 2016

Volunteers helped load up the water into two tractor-trailers on Monday, and another load is scheduled to leave the restaurant on Tuesday. The Skillet announced its donation plans last Thursday and originally intended on accepting water only on Saturday. But, local do-gooders went above and beyond and were dropping off cases through Sunday evening.

Heightened lead levels from corroded pipes have been poisoning residents of Flint for more than a year, but Michigan's state government recognized the problem only recently. Local restaurants have been affected too, and owners have had trouble convincing patrons it's safe to dine out in the city.