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New Menu From McDonald's Italy Is More American Than (Fried) Apple Pie

Star-shaped burger buns, lobster rolls, Budweiser, and more.

Route 66 Smoky Bacon burger.
Route 66 Smoky Bacon burger.
McDonald's Italy

For a country that once deigned to rename french fries "freedom fries," McDonald's menus in the U.S. are decidedly lacking in patriotic motifs. Meanwhile in Italy, Brand Eating reports that the fast food chain is capitalizing on its American roots with a "Great Tastes of America" menu showcasing burgers served on star-shaped buns.

Over a five-week period, McDonald's Italy is releasing five different burgers with American-themed toppings. "Freedom has the flavor of bacon," the company writes in a description of the Route 66 Smoky Bacon. Other burgers include the Empire Classic, Texas Ranch Barbecue, Hollywood Supreme, and the Miami Ocean Drive Special. If that's not enough, the chain is also serving up Maine lobster rolls, Colorado chicken bacon burgers — though what exactly chicken burgers have to do with Colorado is anyone's guess — chicken wings, fried shrimp, chocolate and peanut McFlurrys, and, what every self-respecting 'merican drinks, Budweiser. (That's right: McDonald's in Italy serves beer.)

Star-spangled burgers at least appear more appetizing than some of McDonald's other recent menu innovations. The chain unleashed both lobster rolls and unappealing gray bun burgers last year. While the buns mostly just looked terrible, the lobster rolls failed to meet Maine's high standards.

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