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Pizza Hut's Crazy Crusts Continue With Tater Tots and Garlic Knots

Plus, a brief history of Pizza Hut's crust innovations.

Pizza Hut's Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza
Pizza Hut's Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza
All photos courtesy of Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut has brought the world many novelty pizza crusts over the years, but its most recent promotion in New Zealand has hungry carb-lovers everywhere drooling: The chain dropped tater tots into its new crust and called it a "hash bites crust," which, at least from an American stoner standpoint, makes perfect sense. (It's also New Zealanders' term for tater tots.)

Meanwhile in the U.S., Pizza Hut released a garlic knot pizza crust today. The new limited-time offering is called Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza and its crust is adorned with 16 "hand-rolled" cheese-stuffed garlic knots. It costs $12.99 and includes one topping and two sides of marinara sauce for dipping.

Pizza Hut invented stuffed crust pizza in 1995 and the world has never been the same — but these recent promotions are pretty tame compared to some of the Hut's previous creations. Here are a few of the most outrageous stuffed novelty crust pizzas invented by the company for the U.S. market and beyond:

2012: The crown crust, which oh-so-regally cupped meatballs or just extra cheese, was available only in the Middle East.

2012: The strange-looking cone crust, also a Middle East exclusive.

2013: Crazy cheesy crust (doesn't look so crazy now, does it?).

2014: A cream cheese-stuffed crust with flying fish roe folded in (Hong Kong only).

2014: Bacon bites crust.

2014: Marmite-stuffed crust in New Zealand. It's pretty obvious why that one never made it stateside.

2014: Doritos-stuffed crust in Australia and Mexico.

2015: The fearsome hot dog stuffed crust — served with a side of mustard, natch — hits America (it was previously unveiled back in 2012 for the UK and Thailand).

2015: Cheeseburger crust (U.S., UK, and New Zealand).

2015: Twisted crust pizza (US and UK) has the breadsticks built into the crust, and inspired a thousand Pinterest copycats.