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Mark Wahlberg's Got Beef With a London Restaurant's Mark Wahlberg Burger

He already has an eponymous burger chain of his own, thank you very much.

Clodagh Kilcoyne/Getty Images

Only one burger place is permitted to name menu items after actor Mark Wahlberg, and it's the one he owns. The former pants-dropper and current budding burger mogul apparently didn't feel too honored by a London restaurant that introduced a 'Mark Wahlberg Burger' earlier this month, and his team quickly fired off a cease-and-desist email, according to the Evening Standard.

The burger has since been renamed the Dirk Diggler after Wahlberg's famously well-endowed Boogie Nights character, though that moniker seems more apt to a hot dog. What does Mark Wahlberg taste like in burger form, anyway? Lucky Chip's interpretation involved an aged beef patty, braised short ribs, American cheese, pickled coleslaw, sriracha Kewpie mayo, and spicy barbecue sauce.

Lucky Chip also has burgers named for Kevin Bacon, John Belushi and Woody Harrelson, none of whom seem to have taken issue with their namesake sandwiches.

Meanwhile, the Ted and Ted 2 star is focusing his energies on Wahlburgers (and its related reality TV series): The family-owned fast-food chain intends to open 100 to 150 stores over the next five years.

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