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Secrets of a Restaurant Critic; Pretty Boy Zac Efron on His Jiro Experience

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Five things to know today.

The nail polish really gives it away.
The nail polish really gives it away.

America, stop it with the sexist steakhouses. Today, Eater Boston confirmed that STK's Rebel steakhouse chain, which is apparently designed to appeal to women by offering smaller portions or something, will open in Beantown next year. STK also plans on expanding the more "feminine" chain into Miami, San Diego, Austin, and Denver in the coming years. Smart business decision or not, this is a step back for women in America. While it's true that some women may desire portions of meat that are smaller than those served at the average steakhouse, Rebel is not actually catering to women so much as it is catering to older men who want to ogle young women. CEO Jonathan Segal even admitted as much to the Boston Globe: "the concept attracts women in their 20s and older — and men in their late 30s and older."

In other news, let KFC's mascot give you driving directions; NYT restaurant critic Pete Wells on his greatest reviews; Chicago's Paul Kahan is jumping on the healthy fast food train; guess where Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders proposed to his wife; and here's why pretty boy Zac Efron had no trouble getting a seat at Jiro's world-famous sushi counter.


Colonel Sanders's Voice Is Back on Waze

Do you use Waze for driving directions? Do you like fried chicken? Then you might want to download the new Colonel Sanders voice in Waze. The first release of Sanders' voice hit smart phones last summer and was an instant hit. This week, KFC's Colonel is back.

Image credit: KFC/Waze


Bernie Sanders Picked a 'Friendly' Place to Propose to His Wife

In other Sanders news: Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders apparently proposed to his wife in a Friendly's parking lot, and the story sounds like it could have happened yesterday: Guy and girl are on a break, guy wants girl back, girl wants a ring. Jane Sanders told People"We were on a break, and he was trying to get me back, and I said, 'No. I want to get married and you don't.' We finished our ice cream sundae at Friendly's and we walked out to the parking lot and he said, 'You want to get married?' I said, 'You know I do. Let's not talk about this again.'" Sanders then took her by the shoulders, asking her, "Will. You. Marry. Me."


Pete Wells' Greatest Hits

New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells stopped by NPR the other day to talk shop. Highlights: "My feeling is, if I can describe the way a steak looks on the plate, when it's just kind of juices are coming out, and it's almost alive, and just wants to be eaten, I hope that people will feel it, more than they will feel me describing the tangy minerality of the dry-aged beef between my teeth." 

On his take down of Guy Fieri's Times Square restaurant: "I wanted to like the restaurant. I wanted the restaurant to be the same kind of celebration of grease on your elbows and grease on your ears and grease on your nose, Americans wallowing in unhealthy, unwholesome joy. ... It's flashy and energetic-looking, and it seems like it's going to be this wild, crazy party. And then the food arrives and it's no party at all. At all."


Chef Paul Kahan's New Fast Food Concept

James Beard Award-winning chef Paul Kahan — of Chicago's Blackbird, Avec — is cooking up a fast food concept. According to Eater Chicago, Kahan plans to open Left Coast Food & Juice this upcoming March in the Chicago neighborhood of Lakeview. The menu includes "bowls, wraps, and juices," and promises to never serve butter. Huh? What's wrong with butter, Kahan?

Image credit: Jeff Schear/Getty Images


Zac Efron Got Into Sukiyabashi Jiro Because He's Famous

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! actor and famously good-looking person Zac Efron told Kimmel about the time he scored a reservation at the nearly impossible to get into, world famous Sukiyabashi Jiro in Japan. "I think Jiro's grand daughter, who kept sneaking into the photos with us, was, uh, maybe a fan from the old days..." And the audience, clearly composed of young women, goes wild.

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