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Watch José Andrés Try to Convince Conan O'Brien Beets Are Sexy

Beet burger, anyone?

Spanish-American super-chef (and avowed Donald Trump enemy) José Andrés has the kind of passion for vegetables that others reserve for things like expensive sports cars or skydiving. Case in point: He's got a veg-driven fast-casual restaurant, Beefsteak, that boasts clean-eating queen Gwyneth Paltrow as an investor. Last night on Conan, Andrés attempted to get Conan O'Brien on board with his fervent love for things that grow out of the ground, and the results were, well, mixed. The chef assembled a burger subbing "sexy, beautiful" beets for beef. "You need to look more excited," he admonished a skeptical-looking Conan.

After the two disagree on how to pronounce "mayo" (and about how much of the condiment should be applied to said beet burger), Andrés provides the late-night host with some practical advice: Given beet juice's uncanny resemblance to blood, cutting beets makes "a good alibi if you are thinking about killing somebody." Things only get weirder from there as Conan guzzles beet juice and Andrés lovingly cradles a giant flask of tequila.

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