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Nespresso Sues Coffee Competitor for Using George Clooney Doppelganger in Ads

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The commercial includes a disclaimer that says the lookalike "is not George Clooney."

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Looking like George Clooney may be sinful, but it may also be illegal. According to The Telegraph, Nespresso is calling out coffee nemesis Israeli Espresso Club for casting a George Clooney lookalike in its coffee ads. In fact, the actor looks so much like silver-haired Clooney, the commercial includes a disclaimer that warns that the actor is not the real George Clooney.

As the current face of Nespresso, Clooney has been featured in several ads for the Keurig-style coffee maker. The company is now suing Israeli Espresso Club over the Clooney doppelganger, suggesting the legal action is to "prevent customers from being misled." Nespresso is demanding the ads be removed and is seeking $50,000 in damages. The comical ad is not the first to poke fun at the Nespresso brand, and Israeli Espresso Club claims it was meant to target consumers looking for a more casual coffee experience.

Video: Watch the Israeli Espresso Club commercial

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