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Proof We've Reached Peak Bone Broth: It Now Comes in K-Cups

Is this the end of this trend's lifespan?


Bone broth — or, as realists prefer to call it, stock — will no doubt be remembered as one of the biggest food fads of 2015. The meaty elixir rose to prominence on the back of the Paleo diet trend, with clean-eating devotees preaching of its health benefits to fellow Crossfitters everywhere. In the winter of 2014, chef Marco Canora opened a bone broth takeout window in Manhattan, and soon it was popping up on menus all over the country.

But a new product may be signaling the death knell for this trend: Bone broth now comes in K-cups, those pesky little pods that coffee snobs (and environmentalists) love to hate. According to Food Business News, a company called LonoLife is now hawking beef and chicken varieties, and they're targeting the Paleo community. Scientists have previously expressed skepticism about bone broth's purported health benefits — and can a pod full of powdered broth really be any better for you than the chicken bouillon sold at every grocery store in America? According to a rep for LonoLife, the K-cups "pack more protein per serving than anything you'd ever find in the grocery store." And the bone broth cups do offer one more feature that sets them ahead of the pack: They're 100 percent recyclable, which is certainly more than can be said for the billions of discarded pods currently littering the world's landfills.

The folks behind LonoLife aren't the first dreamers to put soup into a K-cup; that distinction belongs to Campbell's, which launched two flavors of chicken noodle soup pods last year. LonoLife is clearly targeting a different demographic here, though — one that doesn't mind shelling out for CrossFit memberships and grass-fed beef. Either way, getting your Keurig to spit out savory broth doesn't come cheap: The bone broth cups are $2 each, while the Campbell's clock in at around $1.50.