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Sweden's New Abba-Themed Restaurant Caters to Hungry Dancing Queens

Dream come true or nightmare?

Some very impressive wax renditions of Abba.
Some very impressive wax renditions of Abba.
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images

If your idea of a good time involves listening to 70s Swedish pop sensation Abba on endless loop while eating spanakopita and dolmas, you're in luck. Otherwise, stay far, far away from Stockholm's Grona Lund theme park.

The quartet known for its flashy costumes and eternally-stuck-in-your-head songs has now entered the restaurant biz, and this is no mere themed burger joint: Rather, it's a "restaurant-entertainment venue" in the form of a Greek taverna like the one featured in the Abba-inspired musical and film Mamma Mia!

The website for Mamma Mia: The Party promises "a magical evening in several acts filled with singing and dancing, daredevil stunts, Greek Gods, flirty waiters, and perhaps a Zorba and an Ouzo or two" — oh, and a Mediterranean buffet — all for the low, low price of 1,340 krona ($156) per person.

"At the end of the show [the audiences] are very happy," former Abba member and brains of the restaurant venture Bjorn Ulvaeus told Reuters. "They're standing up in the aisles dancing and the idea was to try to take that with us into a restaurant environment ... and have a really good party with good food, wine and singing and dancing."

It's certainly not the weirdest theme restaurant to pop up in recent years: A bathroom-themed restaurant exported from Taiwan to Los Angeles involved toilets as dining chairs and disturbing themed dishes, and a death row dinner pop-up in London replicated inmates' last meals (minus the whole execution part).