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New App Secures Free Food, Drinks for Models and Instagram Celebrities

Just what the rich and famous need: more free stuff.

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Having enough Instagram followers can get you just about anything these days, from free designer clothes to invites to prestigious events (not to mention piles of cold-hard cash). Now, the social media elite of Sydney, Australia — along with models, actors, athletes, and other celebrities that have agency representation — can also secure free meals via a new app called Into, reports

By signing up for the app, businesses essentially trade goods and/or services — and pay a $49 monthly fee — for social media shoutouts from major influencers. "You get a list of all these places in Sydney that can give you free food and drinks," a model with 11,000 Instagram followers tells "You show [the waitstaff] the offer on the app and you click redeem now and they swipe it through." Besides restaurants and bars offering, say, a free burger or a free meal of up to $25, users can also snag free personal training sessions, haircuts, hotel stays, and more. The "unwritten rule" is that the influencers will then promote the business on their social media accounts, with the hope that their followers will, well, follow.

If you think your 364 followers are going to net you a free lunch, think again: While Into is publicly available on the iTunes store, users have to be verified by their agency and/or approved by Into before they can get full access to the app. Into, which currently has about 600 users, is also available in Munich, Germany, and will expand to Melbourne in March.

It certainly pays to be beautiful: Not only do pretty people get free food, but they also get better tables at restaurants, as a recent investigation by a UK news channel proved. Mere mortals will have to be content sitting next to the bathroom and paying full-price.

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