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Watch Robert DeNiro School Zac Efron in the Art of Making a Turkey Sandwich

It's part of an acting lesson, or so DeNiro claims.

Being a successful Hollywood actor is like making a sandwich — or so silver screen legend Robert DeNiro would have you believe. In this video from Funny Or Die, walking Ken doll Zac Efron seeks career advice from his co-star of the upcoming film Dirty Grandpa, and somehow ends up making him lunch instead.

According to DeNiro, the two pieces of bread "are like a scene" — and Efron needs to "bring a little flavor" to the scene by slathering it with grainy mustard. Perhaps DeNiro's most valuable piece of advice to his young co-star is that "Your fellow actors are tomatoes. You gotta cut 'em up." In the end, DeNiro enjoys his sandwich and Efron runs off to pick up his dry-cleaning, which seems appropriate considering the two actors' respective resumes (Goodfellas vs. High School Musical.)

Given DeNiro's extensive involvement in the restaurant industry — he co-founded Nobu with sushi chef Nobu Matsuhisa and is also behind New York City's Tribeca Grill and Locanda Verde — perhaps next time he'll school Efron in a slightly fancier dish like Nobu's signature miso black cod.

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