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One-Woman Protest Can't Keep a Taco Bell From Moving In Next Door

She painted "Taco B is killing me" on her fence.

Mike Mozart/Flickr

For some, being able to walk out their front door and grab a Cheesy Gordita Crunch at practically any time of night or day sounds like a dream come true. For New Mexico resident Cathy Wiles, it's more like a Doritos Locos nightmare.

According to KOAT 7, Wiles is vehemently opposed to the Taco Bell that's currently under construction next door to her Albuquerque home, and she's making sure any passersby know it: She's painted "Taco B is killing me" in giant capital letters on the outside of her fence.

Her problem isn't so much the impending Mexican pizzas and seven-layer burritos, but rather the construction noise: "My house trembles and shakes every time they drop something into one of these dumpsters," she tells KOAT. She's tried complaining to the contractor handling the construction as well as the city to no avail, and lawyers have told her she has no case.

The contractor says construction should be complete in a few weeks, at which point Wiles will get to trade the sound of hammers and nail guns for the noxious aroma of quesadillas filled with beef of questionable quality. In the meantime, Wiles says, "As long as there is a construction site here, I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing and if I can think of more to do I’m going to do that." For Wiles' sake, hopefully none of the employees working at her new neighborhood Taco Bell decide to set up a meth lab inside the restaurant. Eater has reached out to Taco Bell for comment.

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