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Grilled Cheese Cook-Off: Mario Batali vs. Jimmy Fallon

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With a side of tomato soup and vodka.

Last night the boisterous Mario Batali stopped by The Tonight Show to battle host Jimmy Fallon in a grilled cheese cook-off. First, Batali serves up a hot tomato soup spiked with vodka, "because tomato and vodka go together... like the Bible and Christianity." Before the men turn on their stoves for the cook-off, Batali busts out black truffles as his secret ingredient. Fallon decides to go with wonder bread, American cheese, bacon, and maple syrup-infused butter. Batali wastes no time in teasing Fallon about his average, "diner" ingredients. While the two men cook, Fred Armisen plays culinary diplomat and Questlove sits nearby, blindfolded and with headphones on so he can neither see nor hear the competition. When it comes time to taste, watch to see which sandwich Questlove picks as his favorite.

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