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Restaurant Faces Social Media Backlash for Listing 'Attractive Staff' as a Job Perk

A help wanted ad promised "plenty of attractive floor staff to flirt with."


Perks of working in a restaurant usually include cash tips, a social atmosphere, and a flexible schedule — but what about having hot co-workers to flirt with? One restaurant in Manchester, England is facing backlash after using promises of an "attractive staff" to lure in job applicants. According to the Mirror, The Laundrette put out an employment ad for a "young at heart, experienced, hard working chef de partie." The ad promised "a great working atmosphere" and free food, along with "plenty of attractive floor staff to flirt with."

While the cheeky ad may have been comical to some, others suggested it promotes sexual harassment in the work place. As the Manchester Evening News reports, some took to social media to call the job ad "disgusting," decrying it as "degrading" to the restaurant's staff.

But there were plenty others who defended the restaurant's sense of humor:  One man commented, "Poor taste maybe, though I suspect it's designed to filter out those interested who don't have the type of sense of humour they are looking for." Others suggested that those who were offended by the ad were overreacting. Despite many coming to its defense, The Laundrette quickly edited the job ad and tweeted out an apology:

The Laundrette certainly isn't the first restaurant to run a job ad that was deemed inappropriate: Some — like one restaurant's Easter Sunday email blast depicting Jesus smoking a joint — have been intentionally controversial, while others, like a racist ad from Dubai restaurant China Time, could be perceived as a cultural misunderstanding. But while those may have been scandalous, a Pakistani eatery's domestic violence-promoting sandwich menu is decidedly the worst of the bunch.

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