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Starbucks and Spotify Team Up; Anthony Bourdain on Food and Sex

Five things to know today.


It's Tuesday, January 19. Here are five things to know right now:

— Starbucks continues to innovate in the music business. As a release notes, users of Starbucks' mobile app will be able to identify songs playing in-store and save them directly to their Spotify account. It's like Shazam but even more seamless, at least for frequent Starbucks customers. The Verge confirms the roll-out hits all U.S. locations today.

— Last week, Shake Shack released its fried chicken sandwich, named Chick'n Shack, to the masses across the U.S. Eater NY was curious about the new nomenclature (the Shack's other creations don't include apostrophes and are generally one-word names) and reached out to Shake Shack's VP of marketing and communications, Edwin Bragg, about the origins of the name. Bragg: "The naming convention really varies. Hence the Shack-cago Dog or the Surf 'n' Shack. There's also the Shack Stack. We landed on Chick'n Shack after the initial debut. We liked it more. Felt more Shake Shack."

— Richard Gere is set to star in the film adaptation of the European best-selling novel The Dinner, which, though more about a family crime coverup, will largely take place in a fine-dining restaurant.

— In the latest issue of Lucky PeachAnthony Bourdain successfully argues that food is not inherently sexy and says we should all rein in our food metaphors, please:

I like food. And I like sex. But I don't want them together. Ever. I like chicken leg, but there is absolutely nothing "sexy" about bringing a chicken leg to bed. People who describe having "foodgasms" on dining websites create a picture in my mind of a tragically obese person, fingering themselves in front of a laptop with one hand while mashing the tiny keys with the greasy, oversized fingers of the other. Watching someone have an orgasm can be interesting. A "foodgasm"? Not attractive even in the best of circumstances. Anyone who coos enthusiastically about chocolate cake and raspberry sauce in bed gives new meaning to rolling over into the wet spot.

— This weekend the U.S. lifted many sanctions against Iran, and in response Iran released a few American prisoners. The business sector wondered then if this meant more American businesses might be welcome in Iran. Chiefly, would McDonald's open a franchise in Tehran after all these years? According to CNN, the reality is a lot more complex than this past weekend's deal. Though McDonald's does now have a franchise application for Iran on its website, most of the sanctions are still in effect, meaning it will still be awhile before the Golden Arches move into the country.

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