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Former Taco Bell Executive Who Attacked Uber Driver Is Now Suing for $5 Million

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He's claiming "invasion of privacy" due to the dashcam that captured the assault.

A Taco Bell executive who was fired following a vicious attack on an Uber driver is now filing a dubious high-dollar lawsuit. Formerly head of mobile commerce and innovation for the Doritos Locos taco creator, Benjamin Golden's face became famous for all the wrong reasons last October after a dashcam video of him assaulting driver Edward Caban surfaced on YouTube.

As the video shows, the altercation began when Caban pulls over and orders Golden out of his car, claiming he's too drunk to give proper directions. The two men argue and as Golden opens the car door to get out, he reaches forward and slaps Caban, repeatedly hitting him and pulling his hair; Caban ends the attack by pepper-spraying Golden.

Back in November, Caban filed a suit against Golden seeking $25,000 for emotional distress, which seemed reasonable given the savage attack. But now, the Orange County Register reports, Golden is firing back with a lawsuit of his own — and he's seeking more than $5 million for "invasion of privacy, negligent infliction of emotional distress, intentional infliction of emotional distress, assault and battery."

The suit, filed in Orange County Superior Court, claims "Golden never consented to be audio or visually recorded and the recording was done without his knowledge." (A California law introduced in 2011 made it legal for drivers to install dashcams, though it's not clear if Caban met all the strict requirements of the law, which include the posting of a notice in a visible place to inform the passenger that conversations are being recorded.) It further claims that he "fear[ed] for his safety and well-being" after the driver pulled over and kicked him out of the car, and that he "suffered severe emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, and the loss of his job" after the video was posted online.

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