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David Kinch on the Dietary Restriction Epidemic in America

He wants you to let him change your mind about mushrooms

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David Kinch — chef at Los Gatos, California's three-star Michelin restaurant Manresa —stopped by Eater headquarters recently to chat with Helen Rosner and Greg Morabito of the Eater Upsell. The full episode aired on Monday, but here's a preview: Kinch has found that on any given night at Manresa, as much as 80% of the dining room could come in with dietary restrictions, which really messes with his kitchen's plan. Allergies are one thing, but dislikes make the chef feel "cut off at the knees." Besides, the guy has three stars for a reason; he would love the chance to manipulate an ingredient a diner usually avoids into something they truly enjoy. Listen for his take on how the "allergy" epidemic effects fine dining establishments, and be sure to check out the full episode.

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