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Third Paris Restaurant Reopens Two Months After Attacks

Appropriately, the restaurant resumed service with champagne for guests.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Paris continues to recover from devastating terror attacks that struck the city in November, and another restaurant has opened its doors again. Le Carillon, one of the cafes that was targeted by ISIS extremists, reopened Wednesday, reports the Associated Press. Le Carillon is the third restaurant to return since the attacks occurred on November 13.

Patrons were reportedly greeted by glasses of champagne and welcoming bartenders. One Parisian told the AP the reopening is a step toward normalcy: "We are lucky enough to be alive," Fatim Layachi said. "We must continue to live and to chat in cafes, drink a glass, even if today it's more meaningful than usual, obviously."

At least eight restaurants were hit by extremists, and more than 130 people were killed in the attacks that were coordinated across the French capital. Four diners were shot outside Le Carillon, the first restaurant attacked as people began to report hearing explosions near the Stade de France.

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